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John Meszaros graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Biology which, combined with his love for world cultures and history, has served him well in his writing and art. He's worked a variety of jobs and volunteer positions: Cancer Research Lab Assistant, Museum Docent, Aquarium Diver and Cleaner, Traveling Marine Life Educator, Graphic Layout Artist, Zookeeper and Landscaper, and Stay-at-Home Parent.

When not writing or drawing, John is often outside in nature -or underwater when he can get his SCUBA gear out- doing research for his art and stories.

John lives in Connecticut with his wife, children, a dog and way, way too many plants, books, fossils and other odds and ends that fuel his work.

In addition to being an author, John is also an illustrator. His main areas of interest are marine and unusual prehistoric life- particularly creatures of the deep sea and the Cambrian Period.

 You can find his artwork at: