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In the course of writing At Yomi's Gate, I had to do extensive research on the culture, history and mythology of our Earth's Japan. Though I can never fully list every single resource that I utilized, below is a selection of the books which I used most frequently.

The Anime Companion: What's Japanese in Japanese Animation?  

Gilles Poitras. Illustrated by L.K. Grant, Kokoro Grafix. Stone Bridge Press 1999

The Anime Companion 2: More What's Japanese in Japanese Animation?   

  Gilles Poitras. Illustrated by Cynthia E. Olen. Stone Bridge Press 2005

Everyday Life in Traditional Japan

 Charles J. Dunn. Drawings by Laurence Broderick.. Charles E. Tuttle Company 1969                                

A Popular Dictionary of Shinto                                                                    

Brian Bocking. NTC Publishing Group 1995

Ashigaru 1467-1649        

 Stephen Turnbull. Illustrated by Howard Gerrard. Osprey Publishing 2001

The Catalpa Bow: A Study of Shamanstic Practices in Japan            

 Carmen Blacker. Routledge Curzon 1975

Dazu Rock Carvings                                                                   

Chief Editor: Ru Suichu. Editor: Wang Chuanping. World Cultural & Natural Heritage (China Volume). China International Press


Eyewitness Travel Guides 2000

Japan: Its History and Culture                                                         

W. Scott Morton. McGraw-Hill, Inc 1994

Japanese Castles 1540-1640                                                     

Stephen Turnbull. Illustrated by Peter Dennis. Osprey Publishing 2003

Kawanakajima 1553-64: Samurai Power Struggle                                         

Stephen Turnbull. Illustrated by Wayne Reynolds.  Osprey Publishing 2003


Translated by Donald L. Philippi. University of Tokyo Press 1968

Mudra: A Study of Symbolic Gestures in Japanese Buddhist Sculpture                                                             

E. Dale Saunders. Bollingen Series LVIII. Princeton University Press 1960